United service – 30th Jan

Evening all, 
Hope you are all well and keeping safe. Lots to tell you about this week so here it goes! 
This Sunday :10.30am Join us for Live Worship via YouTube Sunday Service: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3y2bRGk7OyNtFtGEOat65Q
11.30am Zoom Coffee morning with special guest – Bishop Rachel. Come along for the normal chit chat about pets and snacks and an opportunity to have a Q&A with Bishop Rachel.

Do email me for the code!

Monday   7pm – 7.30pm Prayer meeting  Zoom code : https://zoom.us/j/98247218153?pwd=bHNkV280enR4K3BXMkxSZTB0YkhJdz09Meeting ID: 982 4721 8153   Passcode: 091348

We have lots of other ideas of how to fill up the spare minutes and I will send more info as these ideas before concrete! Such as : 
Vestry hour –  chance to chat with a priest about life the universe and everything Coffee hour – come and join Kat for a coffee over Zoom – no agenda just to say helloQuiz – how much do you know? Morning Prayer – join via Zoom or via YouTube for daily Morning prayer Pastoral calls – Would you or someone you know appreciate a chat? Let me know and I can organise for a friendly someone to give you or them a ring.TeaTime church – a chance for our younger ones to meet over Zoom

When I asked my Eliza (9) what I should say about lock down she said – its bad. I know it can feel like that sometime but we are all in this together and this church family is very good a looking after each other. Let’s keep praying and supporting one another !Bless you all ,
Kat Revd. Kat MephamPriest-in-Charge, Leadon Vale Benefice
t: 01531 557484m: 07512 222635e: revkat@leadonvale.church

Letter to the church week 2

My dear friends

It has felt a little calmer I think this week – less frantically trying to work out what lock down 2 means. For me it has felt both very the same – school runs still happened but very different – too many hours on zoom.

A few updates:

Christmas team – I have spent much of the week trying to work out how Christmas works – and I must admit I have come to no real conclusions. There are lots of ifs and buts – if we can sing we can, but if we can’t it means….. I would like us to engage with how we can do Christmas differently – how we can still bless our communities and still worship the saviour. I am looking to put together a team of people who might be able to help with some ideas – a team to brainstorm together and act when we have some guidelines for post lockdown.
Can you email me asap if you would like to be involved.

The book group has received a lot of interested so we will have our initial meeting on Tuesday 17th November at 7.30 via zoom. This will be just a gauge who is interested to talk about a book choice and plan when best to meet – if you cant do that date but would like to be involved let me know.
Just click this link to join :
Meeting ID: 980 0622 0094 Passcode: 805117

Sunday worship will be at 10.30 on YourTube. We have a YouTube channel so everything we do goes straight there. It is always the same link and if you subscribe is even easier to find. The link for sunday worship is always:

Zoom Coffee will start again this week – 11.30am If you click this link it should take you straight there :
Meeting ID: 948 8083 0635 Passcode: 325383

Worship at Home – November – should be ready for Saturday at the latest- do let me know if you would like a copy.

Finally – can you let me know what connect group you are forming or whether you would lie to join a new one. Connect groups are to ensure that EVERYONE has a connection with SOMEONE at this time. Just a line to let me know that you Bob and Sue are connecting together would be brilliant.

Thank you so much for your patience as we try and work through how to be church at this strange time – do phone or email if I can support you in any way! I am praying for you,

Letter to the church :

My Dear Friends.

I was hoping we would not be in this position again but with our rapidly rising infection rate, even in our lovely rural area, the government have asked us to suspend our church services as we return to a form of lockdown.

In her letter to the diocese Bishop Rachel reminded us of John 1v5

‘And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it’.  (John 1:5)

And that message of ‘Immanuel – God with us’ is the message we will share as we journey through this season of remembrance and on into Advent and Christmas.’

We are facing tough times and we will all face this new lock down differently – some will dread it , some will welcome it. But it is important that we remain connected and that we are family to each other over the coming weeks.

Here are some of the measures I am suggesting to keep our worshipping community in fellowship with God and one another.

Sunday Mornings
Sunday morning YouTube service. From the 15th Nov this will be live at 10.30 and can be accessed at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3y2bRGk7OyNtFtGEOat65Q?view_as=subscriber or go to YouTube.com and search for leadonvale church, or check our website
I know that this is not ideal for everyone but we can sing hymns and don’t have to wear masks!
(every cloud…). As it will be live I will encouraging more participation through the comments box.
This helps us feel connect and community.
Worship at Home pack. For those who can not access YouTube or struggle with this form of worship. We can deliver a pack for November – starting on the 15th. A simple say at home service with different thoughts for each Sunday .
Remembrance – the latest guidance (and this may change by Sunday) is that we can have a short and simple Act of Remembrance at our war memorials if they are outside. We have been asked to encourage people to stay at home and stand on their doorsteps for the 2 mins silence.
There will be a pre-recorded Act of Remembrance online for our Benefice where the wreaths
will be laid and the roles of honour read.
Zoom coffee meetings – we will re-instate these at 11.30 from Sunday 15th November – I will send out the code and instructions nearer the time.

Mid Week
Connect groups – I would like to invite you to join a connect group. A group of about 5-7 who check up on each other regularly. You probably do this already but there may be some people falling through the gaps – or some (like me) who may have only joined us recently and don’t have support structures yet.
The easiest way to do this is to let me know if you would like to be in a Connect group – and
suggest who you would like to be with. I’ll collate asap and get back to you.
The group can then set up a WhatsApp group, or phone chain for prayer and support.
Going forward it would be great to use these groups for socials like quiz team etc – the options
are endless 🙂
Pastoral support – if you or someone you know would like a little extra pastoral support during the next few weeks please let me know as we have a team of volunteers who would love to phone you for a chat!

Book group – we were planning to start a book group in January on Zoom – we will bring it forward to mid November if there is enough interest!
Private Prayer – the guidelines have still not been updated but we hope to open most churches on Wednesday mornings 10-12 for private prayer. I will let you know if this changes
6pm Prayer – Bishop Rachel has asked us to start a 28day prayer chain at 6pm every day. You might like to set an alarm to remind you! She reminds us that ‘ Amid our lament and hope; longing and trust, we will proclaim that we are held in the unchanging love of God who hears our cries and walks with us through both our laughter and tears – God is with us’

One other thing – If you have filled in a GDPR form and I have contacted you directly (with this letter!) that’s brilliant. However if this has been forwarded to you please can you fill in the attached form and return it, which gives permission me to contact you! Please do forwarded this to anyone who you think might not have received it and I am so sorry if you have received this multiple times!

My dear friends – I wish I knew you better as we head into ever changing times – but I know that God is with us and for us and we are not alone. Please do contact me if you can think of any other ways we can support each other well during this time,


What I need you to do now :

Fill in the attached form and return it to me
let me know :
if you or someone you know would like a Worship at home pack
who you would like to be in Connect group with
if you would like more information about the book group
If you or someone you know would appreciate a regular phone call.
if you would be willing to be part of the phoning volunteer group 🙂

Children and Family Meeting – will now be on zoom. Invite :

Topic: Children and family Meeting
Time: Sep 30, 2020 07:00 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 965 5649 6302
Passcode: 926705

Well we had a lovely harvest celebration at Dymock on Sunday – Owen reminded us not to worry and that we could trust God even in these very strange times!

Then at Redmarley we had a wonderful time welcoming Sophia to the church family!