Baptism, (often called christening when candidate is a child) is a rite of passage and entry into the life of the Church. Baptism can take place at any age and is usually a response to the coming to faith of an adult or when a child is born into a family of faith.  Baptism involves serious promises on behalf of the candidate, made before God about the life of the candidate in the future.  When the candidate is a baby or young child these promises are made by the Godparents.

It is a time of celebration for the whole Church and takes place right there within the community of faith at one of our main services.

Thanksgiving and Dedication are services that celebrate before God the arrival of a child into our lives. They are a time to gather family around us to say thank you to God. It does not require the same promises as Baptism but is a celebration of the gift of life.

The road to baptism or thanksgiving starts by talking to our vicar and meeting for an informal chat, you (or the candidates parents) will need to have some preparation for baptism which may take place at this time or at a later date. We strongly encourage you to join us for worship either at one of our Sunday services. This will give you a chance to meet the church family and to get to know the surroundings your baptism ceremony will take place in.

To find out more: Please contact Kat our Vicar or our Administrator using the Contact page.